Patchwork - How to make a block log cabin

The Log Cabin is a patchwork working technique that serves to create many creations thanks to a variety of fabric cutouts, and it consists of a central square around which a creative project consists of rectangles of different colors and measurements, which are sewn together.

For the workmanship and the realization of this project it is necessary to:

  • fabric of various colors and fantasies,
  • cutting mat,
  • cutter for cutting fabrics,
  • sewing machine,
  • line for precision cutting,
  • some sewing pins (optional).

With this technique you can create blankets, presses and other jobs such as clothes and accessories, often made of recycled material using fabric straps advanced from other previous jobs.

In this case, the youtuber explains the execution of the log cabin, helping you with a drawn pattern, which gives you exactly the pattern to follow. It starts from a central square next to the right by a second square, below them there will be a rectangle of the same length as the two squares together and of their same width.

This is done by sewing other rectangles (always of the same width) all around until you have reached the required size. In this case you are explained the creation of a block consisting only of nine pieces of colored cloth.

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