Patchwork - Hexagon Diamonds

In the video tutorial that we show, you'll see a new work by a patchwork technique, that is a kind of work that by combining different pieces of fabric (usually cotton) sewn together, will allow you to make more or less geometric patterns, which you will need to create blankets, pillows and much more.

This video by Liza Decor, you will show how to make a hexagonal block with fantasy, so before proceeding with the processing, you need the following materials:
- Some fabrics of different colors and patterns,
- the box cutter,
- cutting mat,
- a different fabric for the border,
- the sewing machine,
- a white fabric,
- ruler for precision cutting.

To begin take your colored fabrics and each of them cut out some pentagons with the upper tip high enough, then take the white fabric and cut before some strips, then by each of these cropped a series of triangles without the upper tip.
Once we have all the necessary parts, you begin to sew them together to assemble the hex lock, then using a different fabric than those used so far, created a small border around the hexagon to finish the job.

You can achieve the same way other identical blocks then you are going to sew together to create a bedspread, blanket or whatever you want, or you can also leave it like this and use it as a centerpiece.
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