Patchwork - Block with interlaced squares

In this movie you will see the construction of a new block in patchwork, consisting of two squares intertwined and from a central star. In order to replicate this work, you must first obtain the following materials: three different coloured fabrics, cutter, ruler, sewing machine, some pins tape.

The first thing to do is to cut out some squares in this case were used a green fabric, one red and one-third on a light background decorated with fabric rose, so were clipped seven squares in green (11 cm x 11 cm), five squares from the fabric with roses (11 cm x 11 cm) and four red squares (11 cm x 11 cm), then cut again twenty green squares and twelve meters with roses, both by 7 cm wide and 7 cm long.

Once all the squares, take one green and one with roses decorated (those of 11 cm per side) and overlap them on top of each other, then sew on together along the edges at about half a centimetre from the margin. Once this is done, make two cuts diagonally from one corner to the other, so as to divide the square into four triangle which once opened will form three-tone square smaller.

Made in the same way other two-tone handles using all tissues, you should so get four squares in green fabric mixed with roses, sixteen squares in green fabric and finally twelve squares in red fabric. When you have finished making all the squares you can assemble two-tone block following the pattern shown in the video.
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