Patchwork - Block potholder

In this video tutorial concerning the patchwork technique, you will see how to create a block that can be used to achieve a simple kitchen pot holder. The YouTuber By Fe Atelier will show you how to create this very special motive.

For this fantasy lock, you should use the following objects:

  • two different colored cloth pieces,
  • a utility knife,
  • a ruler,
  • a sewing machine,
  • a cotton.

Start by taking two pieces of cloth and from them formed two squares of the same size. Arrange, next to each other alternating the color and, therefore sew with the sewing machine. At this point, you'll have to dissect back the square, take a ruler and on the vertical line drawn parallel to two centimeters from both sides. Subsequently cut these last two lines.

Now, start to arrange the various pieces, creating a pattern of your choice, as shown in the tutorial video. As soon as you have chosen the motive, you started to sew the different parts. Finally, we just need to make the pot holder, namely surrounded the pattern with other stuff and then create a single square that you are going to assemble with the one you created earlier. 

Before sewing all sides, padded your potholder with cotton or possibly with batting. With this design you can create any object for your kitchen.

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