Patchwork - Block Molinillo

The Molinillo block in the patchwork technique is nothing more than a fanciful and easy to carry pattern.

The procedure is not complex and is also suitable for beginners. In this tutorial video, by YouTuber Nairamkitty DIY, you'll see the full steps on how to make it at home.

For this block, you will have to get the following materials:

  • color fabric,
  • sewing machine,
  • ruler,
  • cloth cutter or possibly a pair of cloth scissors,
  • bobbin thread (for beginners),
  • pins.

Take the fabric and make a square of the same size as the others. Four different fabrics are used in the video and a size of 10 cm x 10 cm, the size is based on the work you want to perform. Now, take your squares and cut them off with a cutter along the diagonal line, forming so many triangles. Now, place the triangles trying to form a single square, alternating however colors.

At this point, sew the triangles in pairs, open them and refinish them with a pair of scissors. Finally, you need to have sewn the triangles and having four squares formed, you just have to pack them side by side or possibly pointing them with the pins and sew them together forming a single square. Here, finish your Molinillo block.

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