Only Queen could come up with this title: "We Are The Champions"

This video is a rare record session of 1977, took from "Days of Our Lives", a documentary which shows Queen recording one of the best songs in the music history: "We are the champions". Written by Freddie Mercury, it's contained in the album "News Of The World" of 1977. However, the song had been written in 1975, and had to be inserted in the fourth album of band, "A Night at the Opera"; only that, as judged by Freddie, it was going to be outside as a kind of musicality from other songs, so he decided to put it in an album only in 1977.

"We Are the Champions" was published then as a single, and was a worldwide success. In this video, the first comment is by young Freddie. Then, the quite unknown images of Queen during the recording of this song, is interspersed with comments of Brian and Roger already advanced in years. By their living voice we can hear interesting thoughts on how the song was conceived, and then structured. To underline the fact that this was how recording done back then, without auto-tune.

The modern day artists have less work to do since the machines can take care of their voices. Also, listen to Brian's guitar: he usually has a particular pickup setting which he claims "screams", but this video truly lets you hear it as though you were right there, while they recorded it. Of course, above all, reigns the incomparable Freddie's voice. At the end we see the Queen together, looking on monitor their accomplished effort, and Freddie nodding with a drink: so much of energy, concentration and genius put in a song. I love show you always new things on my further exploration of the wonder called "Queen".
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