Once Upon a Time - Promo "Good to Evil" (Episode 01 Season 5)

Growing waiting for the premiere of Once Upon a Time 5, scheduled for next September 27, 2015, in the USA.
A little over two weeks of the new season, ABC Family, the American television channel that broadcasts the series since its first episode, decided to release a new promotional video entitled "Good to Evil" that shows us in exclusive some scene from "The Dark Swan", the first episode of the fifth season.
In recent weeks many were the teaser released by ABC that allowed us to check out a preview of the innovations that we will see in the new episodes.
After seeing Emma Swan (starred by Jennifer Morrison) as the new "Dark Lord", in the new trailer, we see even she attack her beloved Hook. But the images also show us other new characters, like Snow, King Arthur, Merida and Frozen. In addition, new rumors suggest that Henry, in this fifth season, will live his first love but was not revealed the identity of the girl. Finally, was officialized the presence of a beloved character on the show, we had already seen in the first three seasons: this is Little Red Riding Hood, also known as Ruby, starred by Canadian actress Meghan Ory. She will take part in the first few episodes of this new chapter, but it is possible that in the future could fall to join the regular cast.
Waiting for the new adventures of Emma and company, enjoy this beautiful new trailer for Once Upon A Time in 5.
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