NISSAN Skyline Battle on track: R32 Vs R33 Vs R34 Vs R35

Probably one of the main curiosity every Nissan enthusiastic has, is to know which Skyline is the best, the fastest and the more performing on a track.

The answer to this difficult question could be find in this video, in which four generation of Nissan Skyline faces on the Tsukuba Circuit in Shimotsuba. On the grid the oldest car is a R32 GTR, produced by the automaker of Yokohama since 1989 and for the following five years. Equipped with a 2.6 Litres straight-6 engines and an all-wheel drive, the Skyline R32 GTR has a power of 276 hp.

The next one was a R33 GTR, the fourth generation of the popular car. The engine was boosted to a 2.8 L in line six, and the power grown up to 443 hp, with a great acceleration (0-100 km/h in 4 seconds) and a maximum speed near to 300 km/h. Nissan stopped the production of the R33 in the 1998.

It was replaced by the fifth generation of the Skyline, the R34 that guided Nissan into the new millennium. Originally its engine was the same of the R32, a 2.6 L straight-six twin turbo, but the power (also if nominally it was only 276 hp) was 330 hp when the cars left the factory.

From 2002 Nissan started to produce the R35, the substitute of Skyline R34 but without the Skyline range. The engine was completely renewed and it was a 3.8 Litres V6 twin turbo with the amazing power of 478 hp.

Talking about pure power, the R35 is obviously the favorite, but the short straights of the Tsukuba Circuit maybe are not enough to capitalize this supremacy, and the result of the battle is really uncertain.
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