Nintendo Switch - First Look

It was presented on Thursday October 20, 2016 the new Nintendo Switch (the official project name NX). It turned out to be a hybrid between home console and portable, complete with integrated controller.

In the trailer we saw the new "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" first played on a television, and then a walk. Switch is in fact a tablet with two controllers on the sides. At home, Nintendo Switch connects to TV via the Nintendo-based Switch, which allows you to have fun with friends and family in the comfort of your living room.

Extracting Nintendo Switch from the base, the console enters immediately into portable mode and enables, thanks to his bright high-definition screen, carry the exact same gameplay experience, whether you are at the Park, by train, by car or at a friend's House. To start playing just unplug the joystick controller (Joy-Con)removable from both sides of Nintendo Switch. If you play alone you can wield a controller to hand while, playing in two, each player uses a controller. In case of larger groups, you can also use multiple Joy-Con.

Controllers can be easily reattached to console or joystick grip which returns the feeling of a traditional controller. You can also play with the Nintendo Switch Pro optional Controller instead of the Joy-Con.

Today's video showed short examples of freedom of play offered by Nintendo Switch. Demonstrations of the games, the list of launch titles, as well as the release date, and other details of the console configuration will be displayed and announced before its launch in March.
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