Nail Art Design - Easy Flowers on French Tips

The nail art is the decoration of your nails by using nail polish, gel and acrylic colour. The pattern or model of your nail art and the same for the colors.

Of facts with this technique you can safely give space to their imagination with the combinations of colors. In this video tutorial, you'll see a really simple nail art with floral and french tip.

For this nail art you must have:

  • a fine brush,
  • a bottle-green nail polish,
  • a dark green nail polish,
  • a white nail polish,
  • a purple nail polish,
  • a top coat. 

Take the green nail polish and start making the tip, and with this colour paint the edge of your fingernail. Remember that you can use a fine brush or the brush inside of the bottle of nail polish. As soon as it dried out the tip, with a fine brush picked up some dark green nail polish and on the left side of your tip start making three green leaves.

Now, take the white nail polish and near the leaves start creating the petals, then with purple nail polish go on white petals and internally they place the color. Will eventually have to result bicolored petals whose internally are purple and as outward turn white trying to fade the color. Finally, spend a coat of top coat to make your nails shiny.

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