Mysterious Treasure of Oak Island

Oak Island, literally "the Oak Island", is a small island located in Eastern Canada. It all begins in 1795, when the young Daniel McGinnis, while walking the quiet, was intrigued by a depression in the ground situated near an old oak tree, the branches of which stood a sort of pulley, similar to that used on ships. The next day, Daniel, in the company of two friends who were aware of the local legends of pirates and hidden treasures, excavations began. But soon they realized that the depression was hiding a very special well.

Going deep, every three meters they found a platform of wooden planks of oak, but arrived at the third layer, were forced to leave the company, too tiring for them. Thus was born the legend of Oak Island. The well, would be known forever "Money Pit".

In early 1800, a private company, the Onslow Company, giving credence to rumors of a hidden treasure, resumed excavations. They were also found layers of coal and clay but, above all, coconut fibers that certainly came from very distant lands, because in Canada the coconut palm does not grow. Thirty meters down the morale of the men came to the stars. They stood in front of a huge stone slab that bore engravings indecipherable. It was night when, probing the ground below the slab with a crowbar, hit something durable. It was perhaps the treasure chest? The workers, exhausted, decided to return to work the next day, but a surprise awaited them.

During the night the Atlantic water had completely flooded the pit. Attempts to empty it had no result, the water level remained constant. It was as if, to empty the well, you were to empty the entire ocean. Over the years, various attempts were made of which the last, in order of time, is of 1966, this also without satisfactory results.

There have been several hypotheses on the supposed treasure that the pit of Oak Island would guard jealously. Some think it is the darling of the French crown, or the Templar treasure or even the Holy Grail.
Some scholars, however, have shown striking similarities between the details of the whole affair, which the three boys and the characteristics of the well, and the Masons, in particular with the allegories that speak of the Temple of King Solomon. Furthermore, in Oak Island, are frequent natural wells with the same characteristics of the Money Pit.
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