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Video dedicated to extreme sports "Downhill" that is practiced through the use of mountain bikes, thanks to which you ride downhill slopes where there are slopes, possibly artificial or natural obstacles.

Downhill is one of the activities that industry people call "gravity". In essence, leverage the force of gravity as a driving force, using downhills and paths not straight. Speed ​​is a cornerstone of this sport; during the downhill you can also reach the 80 km of hours and for this reason it takes balance and strength to practice this sport.

Although many tend to regard this sport as something extreme and dangerous, Downhill is an activity that, when faced with consciousness and with all the precautions of the case, turns into a great way to keep in touch with nature and all open air. And this isn't just about adults; even the little ones, always with care and paths suitable for them, they can test this sport.

The medium used to practice this sport is a bicycle that has a very sturdy frame, a wide handlebar, to ensure greater control and a very stable. The bicycle is light and agile, as it is used in speed, and allows acceleration and braking quickly. It is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and transmission ratios configured in such a way as to support the travel speed.

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