Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn - Full Fight Highlights

Manny Pacquiao was robbed of victory in Brisbane? Yes. Manny Pacquiao is the boxer of a time? No. Manny Pacquiao was prepared enough for this fight? No. Did he take the opponent down? Yes. Is Jeff Horn the new true welterweight champion? No.

We have tried to summarize in a few questions and answers what you've seen on an Australian ring where he practically said that fighting the attack with abundant use of head in various ways besides that that would serve mainly, i.e. reason, pay by judges unable to coldly observe what happens. Of course, when favorite Boxer proves himself in trouble and the outsider proves to be more challenging than expected, there is a tendency to have a liking to the so-called "underdog" but judges are, or should be, professionals ...

What made us most impressed by the match was Pacquiao's precarious form, not seeing the blows (bad sign!) And the inability to get rid of Horn when he had put him in a state of crisis such that He pushed the referee, even though he did not want to ask the Australian if he felt he was going to continue between the 9th and the 10th rounds. He also made us feel that the angle of the Filipino and himself did not understand that this Australian young man does not like the blows to the body. We can in any case say that the real Manny Pacquiao, which we will almost certainly not see, would have solved this match in 5 rounds at most.

It is also true that the championships are declining and we also add that the left hook of the Philippine senator has lost its effectiveness. 

Horn, of course, has done so much mobility and a lot of work, he immediately realized that he wanted to take the initiative to the Filipino and he succeeded. He was the first to get injured at 3° round but then two clashes of heads judged involuntary, but certainly facilitated by the tendency of Horn to come forward with their heads, they made the face of Pacquiao a mask of blood. Despite all the difficulties, however, were cleaner punches than Pacquiao scored, but the Filipino also went with bewildering frequency and Horn has certainly had the merit of not having ever granted a breather.

The 9th round Horn was still under the effects of a body shot immediately in the final of the previous round and has long wandered almost like a zombie for the ring. Pacquiao has studded with blows to his face when he would probably have sufficed a couple below to close the matter. The Australian has survived somehow and has also won the 10th round where the Filipino instead of closing the hostility he had to catch his breath.

At the end of the twelve rounds the verdict awarded Horn, with judge Waleska Rordan that saw him win for 117-111 (!!!) and the other two and has been granted the victory for 115-113. A very questionable verdict, with Pacquiao that would have deserved the victory.

Jeff Horn is the new WBO welterweight champion and has proven to be a good Boxer, but a verdict like that just makes you sick to boxing!

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