Macramè - Spiral knot

The macramè is a type of lace that involves the intertwining of two or more wires in which it will be to form the nodes.

Depending on how the wires are intertwined there are multiple nodes that form various processes such as the spiral node. In fact this node, often used to make some simple bracelets or some earring pendant with a fish hook. In this video tutorial, you will see the steps on how to create the spiral node. For this job you must obtain:

  1. two threads of different color,
  2. a node port.


Start the work by mounting two wires on a door wire nodes of about fifteen centimeters, which rib should be at the top. The two central wires must be shorter than the side, with which you are going to run the spiral node.

Then take the left outer wire, pass it over to the central wire and under the last external wire. Now, you have to work the right external thread which must pass under the central wire and into the slot that was formed with the left external thread and knotted.

Always Repeat this procedure and after four or five nodes will notice that the spiral pattern. Here finish your spiral pattern. The most important part is that you have to follow one direction to the left or right.

Author Mikydg
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