Look this incredibile Giant in Japan!

The Giants, Anunnaki or Ancient Alien: a myth that lives always in the Earth. Somehow, the giants are referred in all cultures. Starting from the verses of the Bible, the journey of knowledge in the footsteps of these legendary beings, ancient and mythological, through continents far away and very different cultures. Their presence seems to be an incredible constant. An archetype of all civilizations.

Even famous myths like those of King Arthur, Merlin and Stonehenge appear to have anything to do with these creatures. For some, however, this is not mere myth. Some believe in a distant past and forgotten, at an unknown time in which a race of tall men would actually inhabited the earth. Almost all people refer in their legends, to colossal beings.

Sometimes they are magical creatures, and sometimes from them descended the human race. In the Old Testament there are the Anakim, the Rephaim and the famous Goliath defeated by David, more than 3 meters high.

The biblical Og is, however, the last survivor of a race mammoth that exceeds 4 meters and that was defeated by Moses during the conquest of Canaan. In Norway, the giant Ymir is the first living being, one from which was born the human race. The Mexican legends say, then, that the Land of Anahuac was inhabited by giants while Mayans remember the colossal beings called Quinatezmin. And again, Japan, Germany, Greece and England the myth of the giants is very much alive and handed down.

The fact that so many different people present legends very similar suggesting that there might be a form of common root. That there may be, in short, something real behind these myths.
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