Leo Santa Cruz vs. Carl Frampton: Fight Night Highlights

Saturday, July 30 2016, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Northern Ireland's Carl Frampton (23-0-0, 14 KOs) has overturned the odds by beating with regard to the points the Mexican Leo Santa Cruz (01/01/32, 18 KOs), whose It is abducting WBA Super featherweight title.

The Belfast boxer has played an excellent match, outclassing Santa Cruz in terms of technique, timing and speed. The Mexican has had good times, but it was episodic and sporadic parenthesis within a match entirely controlled by his rival. With this victory, Frampton leaps to the top of a category still without bosses, with five different champions for the same number of world title belts.

Frampton has done exactly the bout that was, waiting and rejected the opponent and attacks with quick shots. The Northern Irish The Northern Irish showed excellent timing in the inside-out and junctions, where he always anticipated the rival. Santa Cruz was more cumbersome and predictable, voted in search of the decisive blow. Frampton, however, was much more loose and coordinated: his strokes were more narrow and dubbed more quickly, so as to anticipate those of rival.

The start of Frampton was burning and found an ideal in the unexpected apathy shore of Santa Cruz, long undecided what to do. The Mexican has confirmed the dynamic limits already reported previously, resulting in too slow of legs to follow the darting movements of his rival. Frampton when he realized he could not only to box, but also shake the opponent, then began to be aggressive, taking the initiative with increasing frequency.

And this has benefited Santa Cruz, who was struggling so much in finding the measure: acting remittance, the Mexican took the best results, up to shake Frampton on occasion. The Northern Irish, however, has been shown to have a personality and a jaw superior to those that were accredited. The Belfast boxer has gone through difficult times in the last two rounds, when Santa Cruz fired the last cartridge in desperate search of KO; but it really was in trouble only in the last seconds of the final round, after series of furious exchanges that cost him an overdose of unnecessary shots.

Eventually, though, the result was successfully defended, without unanimity of the bench assembly. Scores of Schreck and Lombardi judges were 117-111 and 116-112, respectively. he Italian Guido Cavalleri, however, had an equal score, 114-114: decidedly ungenerous toward Frampton, whose victory was unquestionable.

The outlook for the Northern Irish, are easy to predict. The IBF title of the class is in the hands of Welshman Lee Selby, came across as Frampton. What we see, then, another fight between British!
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