Learn archery with Jake Kaminski

The American Jake Kaminski is an Olympic silver medal in the category "Archery", whose specialty is the recurve bow. In this video tutorial Jake teaches us the basics of this discipline, from the position that we hold in the launch phase and the technical specifications of the bow and arrows.

The arc is structured from the following components: the riser, is the central body of the arc which can be of different materials such as wood, aluminum or carbon. The limbs that are part flexing of the arch where it engages the rope that it can be of natural fibers such as flax or synthetic fibers. The rest which is also referred to by the term rests arrows, the viewfinder and finally the stabilizer that is a rod in aluminum or optionally in the carbon that serves to limit the oscillations of the arc is shot using the arrow.

The arrows may be constituted by various elements such as the cedar wood until you get to the aluminum, the size of them depend on the physical structure of the archer.

The technique of shooting plans to position itself on the firing line and have your legs apart and align your toes toward the target, balancing the weight. The arch is raised to shoulder level and parallel to the ground and then draw the bow by closing the shoulder blades and shoot the arrow.
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