Lambrettas and Vespas crazy race!!

Among Italians scooters after World War II the most famous and popular were undoubtedly the Piaggio Vespa and Lambretta Innocenti, sold in millions of copies around the world and still today the emblem of the period of "Dolce vita", leading to more movies that have made history.

Relatively inexpensive and very easy to carry, these scooters have much of their success to the ease in which the owner can customize and make his own scooter unique and inimitable. And this peculiarity makes them still the object of worship for the many fans that often, by finding an old copy abandoned in some garage or shed, devote themselves body and soul looking for original spare parts order to be able to restore and revive the emotions of their adolescence and youth.

But the most exciting moment is surely to compete in a circuit with their Vespas and Lambrettas, many of which are also quite elaborate, against dozens of other similar scooters, obviously not to the speed of the more famous MotoGP and with all the difficulties which can result in to push to the limit motorbikes that are more than half a century old.

Exactly this is what is taken in the video, thanks to a camera that the pilot Luca Fuschini installed on his Lambretta before he competes on the Cadwell Park circuit in 2015: from grid to cornering at speed, with breathtaking overtaking!
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