Lambretta SSR250 46HP!

We are in Italy, in the countryside of the province of Rimini, a town commonly known for the seaside resorts along the Adriatic Riviera, where many people like to spend summer holidays, with sea, beaches and famous clubs.

This video, however, does not show anything of this and is devoted to those who love to spin on the two wheels, and in particular to the fans of Lambretta, the mythical Milanese company who, in the 1950s and 60s, produced some of the motorbikes that, with Piaggio's Vespa, marked the era of the Italian economic boom.

The camcorder, that the biker brings with him, allows to frame the handlebars and the road, giving the feeling of being in the saddle of the Lambretta SSR250 that has just been subjected to some rush to the mechanics and is preparing for the first road test. In detail, the engine has been completely revised, with the power increased up to 46 horses (almost those of a small utility).

In addition to the engine, the gearbox has also been replaced, and instead of the original, there is now a 5-speed Cyclone that allows you to make the most of the power and reach the incredible speed of 160km/h (100 mph)! The engine is so powerful that, with the gas completely open, Lambretta is struggling to keep the two wheels attached to the asphalt and it fits, with cyclists on the Riviera Romagna who see a rocket spit next to it on a single wheel.

Casa Performance, who has made changes to Rimini Lambretta Center, can be really proud of the work it has done and how it has turned a mild scooter into a super fast beast!

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