Lambretta Ride!

Almost certainly one of the biggest regrets of fans of small Italian scooter was the closure of the Innocenti and the subsequent sale of the entire production facility of Lambretta to the Indian government, thus depriving of the famous brand "Made in Italy" one of motorcycles that marked a whole generation (not only Italian, and together with the Vespa Piaggio in the era of the boom of two wheels).

Unfortunately the European market in the late 60s had become a land of conquest for cars, became the primary means of locomotion and with many vehicles at very competitive prices. Scooters recorded a significant decline in sales and Innocenti, finding themselves in financial difficulties, was forced to change production line, turning towards cars.

Unfortunately, this change of direction was unable to revive the fortunes of the company that had to close in 1971 and be literally demolished, moved and rebuilt in India in the following year.

Fortunately, for many fans, there are still a lot of Lambretta various models, with such care and devotion, are restored back to its former glory, when sitting on the saddle and holding firmly the knobs, could whiz (so to say, as the speeds were not very high) along the roads with the wind in his hair and, of course, a big smile on his face.

Smile that definitely has the owner of this Lambretta while navigating a busy street Thai, resuming their journey through a GoPro camera mounted on his helmet.
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