La Ferrari - Official launch video

LaFerrari, is the new supercar of the Prancing Horse, was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. The Hy-KERS system and the carbon chassis are just some of the innovative features of the new arrival of the car manufacturer from Maranello.

LaFerrari is equipped with a naturally aspirated engine V12 6.2 liters, capable of delivering 800 horsepower (963 in combination with the electric motor) to a rotation speed of 9,000 rev / min and 700 Nm of torque a little further down, with the bar of tachometer at 6,750. The exclusivity of this hybrid supercar is also in the number of units produced: only 499.

The steering position is strong F1-derived and has been developed with the direct involvement of the Scuderia Ferrari. The functional interior, the same dry weather and strong sportsman, is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. The ergonomics of the driver's seat for the usual concepts of road cars to adopt a setting usually reserved for racing car: the seat remains fixed while adjustable steering column and pedals with wide excursions, allowing you to achieve a perfect setup for each driver.

For the first time a Ferrari is equipped with a digital reconfigurable framework that allows the driver to choose between a setting with traditional central tachometer or an essential display of "racing" type for track use.

Here is the official video presentation that highlights the beauty and sensational features of this fantastic hypercar that becomes the natural heir of superstars such as: GTO (1984), F40 (1987), F50 (1996) and Enzo (2002).

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