Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter - Highlights

It was a highly spectacular fight that was held Saturday, June 25th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Protagonists of an epic battle were Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter, who competed for the WBA welterweight title.

The pace was immediately obsessive, Porter came forward firing hooks seemingly wildly, Thurman was very mobile and moved from side to side returning just could right brought with extraordinary timing. The Porter pressure was terrible in the 2nd round, stay away from the strings he became an imperative for Thurman but also a difficult goal to achieve. The fact is that Thurman needs a little more space while Porter trying to work his rival to the body.

The 3rd round was equally strong with an extraordinary combination of 3 shots brought from Thurman to the challenger's face before the gong. In the 4th round Thurman tried to intensify the use of the left jab to keep at distance Porter. He succeeded for two-thirds of the round then Porter has closed again, however, taking a big left hook to the face. Thurman still slightly ahead in the 5th round with his extraordinary sense of timing.

The defensive art of Thurman took him ahead in the score but they were not a few times when the Porter closed and forced to hold, block, close like a clam without ever giving up groped reply. Porter began to reassemble in scoring by removing space to Thurman and came to an epic 9th round with a Porter attacking in a fury and Thurman who responded blow for blow. Thurman was wounded for the first time in his career by a right hook to the left eyebrow on which shortly after was taken down even unintentionally Porter's head.

In the 10th round still Porter attack but fortunes reversed by an extraordinary sinister by Thurman that was staggered the challenger and a couple of minutes less intense in the 11th round before the final rush which, however, was still the greatest lucidity of Thurman to shine.

The 3 judges verdict was unanimous and equal: 115-113 for Keith Thurman, who confirmed world champion. Thurman has been promised a rematch to Porter, we could not ask for better!
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