Karmic Astrology, all you need to know!

In astrology, through the study of astrological houses, the planets in signs and houses and aspects that planets form between them in a birth chart (horoscope), you can learn about the strengths and personal weaknesses, as the best use of the strengths and improving the weaknesses.
The karmic astrology, in particular, uses the strengths and weaknesses within the personal evolution destiny, represented primarily by the lunar nodes: the south lunar node and north lunar node.

Lunar nodes:
The lunar nodes are the points of the orbit of the Moon in which this orbit intersects the ecliptic, which is the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth. All planets have nodes, but in astrology are considered only those of the Moon.
In addition, the concept of lunar nodes derives to Indian astrology, and only fairly recently these nodes have begun to be studied in the Western astrology.
The Moon's south node will describe the overall karmic blocks that you have to overcome in life, the lunar node north spiritual evolution toward which we tend, as a proper balance between the nodes represents the dharma, right conduct, the best implementation soul possible in everyday life. The evolution of the soul it is accomplished through relationships, work, everyday life.

Karmic aspects:
Other karmic aspects are traceable, always within a natal chart in key karmic (karmic horoscope), the analysis of the position of the Moon and the aspects it makes with other planets and the paper corners, in all aspects of quadrature, in the cusp of the fourth house (Sky Background), the analysis of the twelfth house, the planet Saturn and retrograde planets.
We ourselves have chosen, when we were disembodied souls, to be incarnated in a particular historical period and in a certain environment to improve some aspects of us.

In the analysis of a chart according to the karmic astrology (karmic horoscope), karma isn't what you have to pay in this life for something wrong that has been committed in one or more past lives, but has a tendency to repeat, with variations, the same behavior patterns that attract the same kind of events, as long as you can not get out of those patterns of behavior.
The karmic astrology is therefore a map that helps you better understand your own personal evolution destiny and that of the people around us.

Other useful elements in astrology karmic:
Other useful items in addition to the study of astrology karmic knot lunar south and north lunar node, as part of the system used by the light of experience, when analyzing a chart in key karma (karmic horoscope), are studied also two Black Moon positions, the correct and the media, and some asteroids.
The two positions of the Black Moon are respectively connected with the karma and dharma. Asteroids are very useful for accurate analysis.
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