Jamthund Puppy Playing

The Swedish Elkhound is a breed of dog of very ancient origins coming from Sweden, with well defined characters recognized by the F.C.I. as dog of the spitz type and primitive type, Group 5, only in 1946.

The Swedish Elkhound is a large breed of dog, as said good constitution and chic feel and good looking, is a dog that matches your courage and energy a calm temperament and deadpan.

The allowed colours for his fur of medium length ranging from light grey to dark grey, light grey or cream spots that may be present on cheeks, Chin, abdomen, extremities and under the tail, the so-called Wolf's brands.
This is a strong and sturdy dog typically employed to hunt against animals very challenging for both mass for aggression like Moose, bear and lynx.

In this video you will see a Swedish Elkhound puppy playing with her trainer.
Despite being a small Swedish Elkhound puppies, are always big rectangular Spitz have a Constitution characterized by clean lines, a strong physique and agile at the same time, not too long, nor too heavy, for the tasks they perform related to hunting.

The price of the Swedish Elkhound is hard to learn, easier to indicate recurring flaws instead, according to the breed standard. These include a white streak unbroken from the chinstrap to the tip of the breastbone, prominent eyes, defects of the teeth, an incorrect, insufficient, rickets and rear muscles weak.
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