Huge MTB backflip @Red Bull Rampage 2013 - A tribute to Kelly McGarry

Just a few days ago the famous freeride mountain biker Zealander Kelly McGarry died, leaving in despair the many friends and fans of MTB.

The 33 year old rider was caught by a cardiac arrest while he was riding his bike in the Fernhill Loop Track in Central Otago, in the day February 1, 2016. Immediately after his death there have been messages of solidarity of many friends and colleagues, with whom McGarry has shared many experiences and challenges.

His professional career in mountain biking started in 2006, and over the years has established itself as one of the leaders of the extreme freeride. The absolute masterpiece of Kelly McGarry is undoubtedly the backflip performed through the 72-foot canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage 2013. A unique feat, something no one had ever been able to do while riding a bike, and that earned him second place in the famous competition. That incredible gesture was awarded the "Best Trick Award".

In addition to sporting prowess, Kelly McGarry was also loved for its energy and will to live and have fun. His loss will leave a great void in the fans around the world, who have created several video tributes to remember one of the MTB legend.

The following video shows precisely his performance at the Red Bull Rampage 2013. Stunning images to watch on and on to fully understand the magnitude of Kelly McGarry.

Ride in Paradise, Kelly!
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