How to Start Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is a good game to fight the boredom, especially if you have intention to extend the limits of your imagination. Nevertheless, a game of such depth also asks for a certain appointment from the players. Now, some suggestion to begin with this magnificent game.

To play to Dungeons & Dragons, known also as D&D, must know the rules in detailed way, therefore gotten the manuals.
There are different editions of the game, with rules and different procedures. The third one and the fourth edition, to the moment, they are the most common. The fourth grade is mostly considered that user friendly and simpler.

Your character can be of different races that slightly vary according to the editions. Among the most common beings there are the human ones, the dwarves, the elves, the seeds elves, the seeds ogres and the gnomes. Every different race will have ability, benefits and different side effects.

Your character will also have a moral alignment that you must consider. It will help you to determine as your character it will react in certain situations and what decisions you/he/she could take.

They exist different dice that are used when it plays him to D&D. They are not the usual dice, but rather special dice with an unusual number of faces. That more commune is the classical d20 (follows in classification from the d10), but you will need others. The die will be used every time that the player or the Master they perform an action.

The difficulty or possibility that something happens it is related to that particular type of die. Throw him/it and, if the number is enough tall, then you/he/she can verify him an action, in well or in badly, or anybody else type of result chosen by the DM.

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