How to make the morning star in patchwork

A great video tutorial that will teach you to create "the morning star" by using the patchwork technique. To learn this type of processing, you must obtain the following materials:

1. a dashboard,
2. row,
3. the wheel,
4. cloth fabrics of different colors,
5. sewing machine.

For the realization of this work, you have to be very careful with numbers, the important thing is to decide the measure, in this case it will be made a star of 20 cm, to which we must add a fixed amount equal to 6.5 cm. So, take your first fabric and cut a 26.5 square cm per side, this will be necessary for the realization of the star points.

Having done this, take the second fabric of a 14-cm color different from the previous and cut four squares per side, (these You will be needed for the realization of the background). After which the latter drawn on a diagonally, place each on a corner of the big square, and sewn with the machine sewing, along the previously drawn diagonally.

Once you finished, with wheel, cut the tissue following the diagonal, but at a distance of 0.75 cm and eliminated then the fabric excess. At this point you have to be cuts, so-called "smart" cuts, which will allow to obtain the star rapidly. Starting from the center, take a measurement of 5.75 cm and cut, then execute these cuts on all four sides and proceed with the processing and complete your magnificent morning star in patchwork.
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