How to make a Wavy Macrame Bracelet

With this tutorial, you will learn to create a beautiful bracelet macramé, with a wavy pattern and made more precious by the inclusion of some pearls.

For the realization of this bracelet, we were used the following materials:

  • ten light pink cords of 120 cm length,
  • nine pink pearls with a diameter of 0.5 mm,
  • two small terminals, a push lock closure,
  • some dressmaker pins,
  • a pair of scissors.

Take all the cords and group them together, then about 20 cm away from the upper end, you make one big knot that you are going to fix with one spilo on the work surface.

At this point split into two cords which are located in the lower part of the newly created node, placing five cords to the right and five on the left, after which, the latter tied to each other, starting from the outer edge, and when finished, repeat the next stage down on the right side, always starting from the cord which is located externally.

Once finished, you'll have to repeat the same passage on either side, but this time, starting from the cords that lie at the heart of the work continuing towards the outside, and then back again at the center just as you did initially.

This is the beginning of the wavy pattern that characterizes this bracelet, made then still more cute from pink beads that are located in the central part, along the length of the bracelet itself.

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