How to make a safekeeping phone holder with goma eva

In this video tutorial, you'll see how to make a cell Phone Holder with goma eva. Useful if not found in commerce a safekeeping for the your phone, or do you want it totally personalized.

In the video tutorials, the YouTuber will show you how to customize the safekeeping with the face of a panda. To make a cell phone holder with goma eva, you will need to have:

  1. a piece of cardboard,
  2. your cell phone,
  3. a pair of scissors, 
  4. a pencil,
  5. goma eva white, 
  6. goma eva black, 
  7. the hot glue.

On a cardboard, go to trace the shape of your phone and draw an edge leaving a space of two inches, then crop. Take your paper pattern and place it on the goma eva white, draw the outline and crop it. Repeat this process another time.

Now assemble the two parts with the hot glue.
At this point, you'll have to go to make the eyes, nose and ears of the panda. Take the goma eva black, and made the ears, which must be of the size of the corners of your safekeeping.

Therefore, it is advisable to cut the corners of the the paper pattern and place them on the goma eva. To make the eyes and nose, you can create them freely and later you will need to paste with the hot­ glue. Eventually, with this technique you can customize as you like your safekeeping, using a few materials.

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