How to make a real orchid in crocheted

In this video we find the full tutorial to give a more realistic form an orchid knitted with the crochet hook.
For the realization of this flower we serve us of the petals created previously, crocheted, of the thin wire, a gripper and the green adhesive paper tape.

First we have to go and cut six pieces of iron, serving us the caliper. We must take into account that the small piece of wire should be as long as a petal, plus a tiny bit to stop it, and another 3-4 cm to form the stem. Now we take a piece of wire at a time, and let's pass it in at every point of the central links of the petal. Later we stop filming a piece to the wrong side of the flower, you have to do this operation until all the petals and the pistil. Now we just have to do that twist along the extension of the wire, and cover them with the ribbon of green adhesive paper.

To realize the petals will have to start making a magic circle where are you going to realize fifteen chains. Then he started to run fourteen low mesh, then enter the magic circle and make another crochet. Repeats again this procedure two more times. After the completion of three rays, close the magical cechio pulling the cord. Then enter the first and executed a low bow mesh, in the second and third two half-high mesh. In the fourth and fifth headband made an high jersey.

The sixth to ninth going to work a knit high. Continue doing two tall mesh, then two half-high mesh and finally the last point a crochet. Now in the ring realized a revenue base vest to close and turn piece. Finally it just has to repeat the same procedure for the other side of the petal and the other two rays.
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