How to make a patchwork with triangles

The classic video tutorials on the patchwork show the classic production of blankets or textile articles with the classic square design as texture, but in this tutorial you will see another design: the triangle.

different colored fabric, sewing machine, cutter, triangle ruler, wire baste (optional), batting order and fabric for the lining.

Start to cut the strips of fabric of length and width you want, then join two strips of fabric between them and with the use of a cutter and a ruler in form of triangle started to cut the various triangles.

Now, on a work surface, you decide to set up their own imagination as the pieces as shown in the movie and cut the work into three parts. Now, with the sewing machine, start assembling the pieces, and if you are not very practical with the car, you can strike up before your work.

After assembling the whole, finished sides with the cutter if you find the pieces of cloth that are fraying. In the video YouTubers "Liza Decor" in his job he decided to finish everything with a fabric border.

Finally, if you want you can stuff with batting order and finish it all with liner. The job is finished and you can apply this technique on any object you want to accomplish.
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