How to make a flower pot with foamy - Tutorial

With this movie, you will be taught how to create a small flower pot in foamy, also used as a table center as a home decoration. For this work you will need:

  • foamy of green color,
  • foamy brown,
  • foamy pink (or other choice for creating flowers),
  • iron,
  • a cardboard cuticle with flower shape,
  • cardboard of a circular shape,
  • a sphere of polystyrene,
  • a pair of scissors,
  • instant glue,
  • a cutter,
  • some colored pencils,
  • hot glue, beads,
  • flat wooden sticks,
  • tweezers. 

Start the work by cutting the wood slats right away, then take a piece of greenish foamy, warm it up well by placing it on the hot iron and put it on the polystyrene cloth pulling all sides down to give it shape.

At this point, cut the polystyrene sphere in half and, on one of the two sides, paste the green molded foamy, then cut all the excess parts out of it and place the work on the cardboard rim, and fix it by applying a little of hot glue along the edges.

Now put on the cardboard circle, pasting all the pieces of wood previously cut from the slats on the entire circumference, and when finished, make the various florins using the paperclip, or alternatively a pattern template, then paint them with the markers and heat it with the iron to give shape, then paste them on the ball on the cardboard rim.

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