How to make a clock in decoupage

The Youtube "Rincon de Arte channel", teaches you how to implement step by step, a beautiful wall clock decorated with the technique of decoupage and crackle.

For this watch, we need the following materials:

  • plywood with a circular shape (choose size),
  • the black acrylic paint,
  • a decorated paper towel,
  • glue or decoupage glue slightly diluted with water,
  • the brushes,
  • the crackle varnish,
  • the clockwork mechanism,
  • a abrasive paper,
  • a stencil with the clock numbers of wood wax gold color,
  • a fabric cloth.

After eliminating the two lower decorated paper towel, spread the glue on the circular support from decoupage wood and glue on it the printed web (the top one) and let it adhere perfectly to the substrate. Once dry, take a piece of sandpaper and rub along the edges to remove excess towel. Then take a stencil and with black acrylic paint, paint the clock numbers along the circumference of the work.

After waiting that the paint was completely dry, spread on the surface of the clock crackle varnish and let dry completely, so as to bring out all the cracks typical of this effect. To further mark the cracks that have been created, with a wax taken dry cloth to wood gold (or at least of a dark color) and rub it on the clock, then clean all to remove the excess wax and mount mechanism of your watch.

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