How to crochet a Christmas Tree

In this video tutorial we explain step by step how to make a Christmas tree of crochet. For the creation of this work, you need the following materials: wool yarn dark green, a crochet, the golden beads, hair spray and hot glue.

Start the processing from the magic circle, close it with a chain and inside work twelve points lower, then pull the thread to tighten the circle and close it all with a very low point.
Now you work three chains that will replace the first treble, then worked at the same point another treble, make two chains and in the next step of the previous round you make a raise, then work in the same place two links high.

Make a chain and do follow another increase, then make two chains and in the next step you work two links high, at this point turn the work and take three chains, then inserting the hook into the hole created between pairs of mesh high, do a treble, then two chains and two links do follow high, all worked in the same hole.

That done, you work a treble in the next hole and the next one, repeat the previous module, then work two links high, two chains and two high mesh. Turn the job again and continue with the construction of the tree. When finished, starched your work on it by spraying the hair spray and let dry, then finished it all by gluing with hot glue some golden beads.
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