Hiking on Mount Hua Shan

The video takes a few minutes made about hiking on Mount Hua Shan in China. This mountain is the most dangerous and terrifying to practice this activity, the two routes that run around the mountain have been reinforced by a strong influx of tourists, which brought the place to be famous because of falls even fatal. For now there are no official statistics, but some say the death toll to be about one hundred a year.

At the base of the mountain there is a staircase, carved in stone, with narrow steps and shallow. These are called "Stairs of Paradise". The staircase runs along the mountain following all its dips. It takes a fair amount of courage to climb this peak. An extreme climbing, not because of the altitude, because the summit will reach 2,160 meters.

And you think that the stairs are the easiest part of the climb, because at some point the brave can decide whether to take the "Sky Tram" real cabin suspended in the sky that let you get to a point even higher mountain. Here is a scary path built on wooden boards, nailed to the rock, directly overhanging the abyss. The use of safety equipment is strongly recommended, although there is no obligation.

Many are tourists who decide to take this path every year, provided that we are physically in good shape. Who can resist to the summit, will arrive in a Taoist temple converted into a tea room.
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