Heart Felt - Tutorial

With felt, besides realizing many objects for everyday use, you can also create lots of Christmas decorations, such as the red and gray hearts. In fact the YouTuber Mommy's Hands will show you all the steps to re-create at home this Christmas decoration.

You will need the following items: the gray felt, red felt, scissors, a piece of tape, chalk, hot glue, pins.

Cut the gray and red felt in strips of rectangles, fold it in half and then superimpose the two rectangles crossing them with each other. Now marked on each measure, trying to abundant rhyme and stops the two pieces of felt with pins. Take the scissors and cut four strips now equal to half of the folded felt. Do this procedure for the red felt and the gray one. Now take the red felt and, on the uncut, with chalk draw a semi-circle and overlay the red felt on the gray.

Now cut along the semi-circle drawn, overturned the two pieces so that it remains in sight of the straight side of the felt, and repositioned location close to the cuts. Take the first gray stripe and let it go into the first red, then let it pass through in the second and pass it again in the third, and finally to the fourth. Repeat this process also with gray stripes.

Finally, remove the pins, attached with hot glue to the tape and tape the open sides of your heart.
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