Harley-Davidson "Forty-Eight" 2016

In 2016, the famous American company Harley-Davidson decided to redesign the model "Forty-Eight", very popular during the '70s. The review of the model was carried out by mechanical Ben McGinley, who joined the company Harley-Davidson five years ago and immediately proved his passion for motorcycles, as well as his talent.

The "Forty-Eight" has a reservoir of only 7.9 liters slightly smaller in size than standard models. The engine is installed in 4-stroke twin-cylinder with a displacement of 1,200 cm3, the front and rear brakes are disc, however slightly, since they're little modular and above all are struggling to curb.

The suspension has been lowered slightly, as did the handlebar, to allow for greater maneuverability while driving, as it weighs 260 kg. The single-seat leather is almost at "ground level" of events is set to 66 cm in height from the asphalt.

The design of this model is very minimalist: fender has cut a few more chrome and black paint also to facilitate the purchase, whose base price is around EUR 12,000.00 without all the optionals.

It isn't an ideal bike if you want to make long journeys on the motorway but is especially good for the city or for the weekend if you want to take a short trip.

In this video you will see a road test of the Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight in 2016.
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