Grey's Anatomy - Promo Episode 12x03, "I Choose You"

Next Thursday, October 8th, 2015, will air the third episode of Grey's Anatomy 12. The medical drama, created by Shonda Rhimes, is back on the small screen of the television channel ABC Family last September 24 with the airing of the 24 new episodes that will make the twelfth season.

Last Thursday was broadcast the episode 12x02, titled "Walking Tall", and in it we have witnessed to two particularly significant events: the appointment as chief of surgery of the Dr. Miranda Bailey and to April's return after her time spent in the Middle East. The very expected return of Dr. Kepner, played by actress Sarah Drew, it was not enough, however, to bring together one of the most popular couples on the show, in fact, Jackson, did not seem inclined to forgive his wife for the long absence. The episode has also highlighted that the Bailey's nomination (played by Chandra Wilson) was not taken well by the rest of doctors of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who fear too authoritarian character of their colleague. Complicating the situation, it has added another problem linked precisely to April: the woman has some strange spots on the skin and as a precaution she was ordered by Miranda to stay in isolation for a while time.

The episode 12x03 will be titled "I Choose You" and in it we will see a new confrontation between April and Jackson so much that, as you can imagine from the promotional video, their love story seems to have ended. If a historical couple will be in the balance, another could become a real family, it is the couple formed by Karev (starred by Justin Chambers) and Jo (starred by Camilla Luddington): according to rumors spread online, in fact, it would seem that Jo is pregnant, what will do Alex, now?

The appointment with the episode 12x03 of Grey's Anatomy is scheduled in the States for Thursday, October 8th, as usual on ABC. In this video you will find the promotional video of the new chapter.
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