Gp Mexico 1990 - Nigel Mansell vs Gerhard Berger

In this video we can enjoy one of the most beautiful overtaking of the great Nigel Mansell, an authentic legend of Formula 1. The movie portrays the duel against Gerhard Berger in 1990 's Mexico Grand Prix.

The race, held on 24 June 1990, was won by Alain Prost at Ferrari. The Frenchman arrived at the finish line with wide margin, gaining his second win of the season. With Prost absolute ruler, the real fight is for second place. To compete for that position are precisely the McLaren driver Gerhard Berger and Nigel Mansell driving for Ferrari.

The two pilots are the protagonists of a beautiful duel, with Mansell aggressively against the Austrian rider who is currently in second place. The turning point occurs just a few laps remaining, when the British driver decides to make a spectacular overtaking at the fast Peraltada corner.

A very courageous choice that made from Mansell, which we have become accustomed to overtaking and in epic duels. With overtaking managed on Berger the "English Lion" will complete the great day of Ferrari, dominatrix with Prost first and Mansell second.

The video presented here shows us the moment of the spectacular overtaking by Mansell, one of the most dangerous ever seen in Formula 1. Call it crazy, call it unconscious, but drivers like Mansell have made the fortune of Formula 1!
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