Golf - Trick Shots

Golf is an ancient sport that was born precisely in the Netherlands around the thirteenth century, but is mainly popular in Scotland. The sport that seems deceptively simple actually has many complicated rules given also by the morphology of the fields, but also by the situation and by the various competitions.

The course that we all know today is defined by the term "modern", whose aim is to hit a ball hard rubber along a more or less treacherous path through the steel sticks, and then to get the ball inside a hole.

The characteristic of golf than other sports, is that each one is the arbiter of himself, so honesty is the first rule to be applied if you want to play. The remaining rules consist in various approaches in which the ball may happen more or less difficult areas, such as the exit out of the field or the obstacle to water.

When practicing this activity you can practice it in two ways:
- The "Match Play" in which two players compete and win the one who finishes the trip with multiple holes with the fewest strokes.
- In the "Stroke Play" the winner is the one who ends the path with the least number of strokes.

In this video you will see the best trick shots of this exciting sport in which the concentration is at the base of this discipline.
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