Golden Retriever - The sixth birthday of Max

Each year the Max's owner master, for his birthday he cook a tasty cake, and even this year was no exception. The cake this year is prepared with oatmeal, carrot, chopped chicken concoction, all assembled bone-shaped symbolizing his steadfast love to his faithful dog. The cake was decorated with marzipan, white and red, and finally with the biscuits heart-shaped slightly glazed. On the cake he was also placed a candle.

Max's owner, decided to immortalize this moment with a video in which you will see how there was the sixth birthday of his Golden Retriever. Max, very greedy, begin to enjoy his birthday cake but is interrupted by his master, as the Golden Retriever must be careful to the line. In fact the other half of the cake if the will taste for the dinner hour.

For the uninitiated, this breed of dog has a tendency to gain weight very easily, in fact you should always take proper nutrition for the Golden Retriever. And better not to give him the leftovers of meals as they may contain toxic substances, it is preferable instead to prefer the croquettes, the dehydrated meat and some cereals such as oats, barley and spelled.

Cereals such as wheat, corn and soybeans are too refined and could hurt the stomach of your Golden Retriever. Also remember to weigh at least once or twice a month, because a Golden Retriever fat will not then a good old age. Finally, if you want your dog to have a nice shiny coat, put in his gruel a tablespoon of sunflower oil which is a blessing for the hair.
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