Golden Retriever puppies swim for first time...

Wet dog, lucky dog!
This is the very essence of the word "retriever" and is a Golden Retriever, in fact. That is, a retriever, with particular aptitude for the carry in water.
The Retrievers are dogs that love water and have a natural predisposition to swimming accompanied by a physical structure which makes them suitable to carry out this activity. Although the breed of Golden Retriever have this love of water doesn't always bring the puppy to swim.

Like all the dogs, in the Golden Retriever his first swimming experience shouldn't be traumatic but enjoyable then you mustn't under any circumstances force the dog to get in the water. The Golden puppy will have to swim spontaneously and we could help him, encouraging him, and putting him in suitable environmental conditions. The important thing is to choose the beginning a stretch of calm water with slightly sloping shores and waters not undergone profound.

So, we accompany the puppy into the water holding the leash so that you do not immediately throw, taken by the excitement, but has time to view the site and focus on the new situation. To encourage a Golden Retriever puppy to swim you can let in water before a quiet adult dog that swam in front of the puppy pushes him to follow him.
In this video you will see the Golden puppies just five months making their first swim.
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