Golden Retriever puppies playing outdoors

Golden Retriever puppies like to play outdoors. How do you choose a Golden Retriever puppy?

When choosing a puppy, especially a Retriever, firstly the physical conditions of the mother. The choice should be made when the puppy is one month of age, and then you can make a visit to the breeding to control its growth at the time of weaning.
A common mistake is to believe that the biggest puppy of the litter is truly the nicest.

The Golden is a sweet dog and cute: affectionate, pretty quiet, easy to educate. It is very sociable, ready to greet wagging his tail anyone approaching, humans and animals. Bears evil loneliness, it should go, loved and accepted by the whole family.

Can live in an apartment if the guaranteed sufficient physical activity.
If you want to make it live at home, attention to hair loss. The coat is soft, medium length, twice, and it's not hard to cure. Requires a brushed, with particular attention to the dense undercoat. If you are picky about cleanliness, have a Golden at home still requires a certain commitment.

If isolated from human contact or left alone for too long, may exhibit undesirable behavior, can appear too exuberant and with a little attention to the man. Some Golden have an attitude "absent", however, caused by deficiencies in the relationship, and from a certain sensitivity.

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