Ghozt Crew - Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

We are in Australia, specifically in the town of Beechworth. The "Ghozt Crew" in this little episode decided to visit the famous psychiatric hospital "Beechworth Lunatic Asylum" originally known as the "Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum", one of the most haunted places in the world.

The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum is a retired psychiatric hospital for years, and is surrounded by approximately 106 hectares of agricultural land, making the hospital self-sufficient with its own orchards, vegetable gardens, fields and a recreation room on the outside, including tennis courts, a pavilion for the oval cricket and finally a theater.

This is the second oldest hospital and the fourth largest in Australia, which was built in 1867 and housed the beauty of 1,200 patients between men and women, kept separate. During the several years more than 3,000 people died in agony until the final closure in 1995, but for a while it was used as a campus for a local university before being assigned for some years as a hotel.

This hospital is infested with well over 100 ghosts with a lot of evidence for those who have stayed at this place, some famous ghosts that roam the property Mrs Sharpe appearing mainly in the area of ??the dorm, Tommy Kennedy a former aide of the kitchen that is suicide and many others located in various rooms and in the garden.

An interesting place for those who love the mysterious places and infested with a bloody history.
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