Ghosts'n Goblins MOBILE (By CAPCOM) - IOS/Android Gameplay

The nostalgia factor in recent years has become a veritable flood. Merit of the films and TV series (ex. Stranger Things) that they did return with arrogance to prominence the 80s!

Even developers are turning our gaze to the past, and the arrival on mobile of Ghosts'n Goblins represents yet another confirmation. Those who grew up consuming video games in the decade more cult of human history will remember with affection the adventures of Sir Arthur, struggling with hordes of skeletons and monsters of all kinds to rescue the beautiful Prin-Prin from demonic Astaroth.

From the point of view of form, Ghosts'n Goblins was quite classic but full of winning: side-scrolling platformer, with several turns to the vertical, enhanced by memorable sprites and scenarios worthy of a medieval-horror movie. By its nature, this game seems designed to be played on mobile with touch screen.

And that's what he thought Capcom, historic home production of Osaka that, riding the wave of nostalgia, brought a few days Ghosts'n Goblins on iOS and Android at the modest sum of 0.99 euros (iOS) and 1.99 euros (for Android).

Really a small thing for those who want to relive the magic of an industry (that of video games) which at the time had more limited means but inventive to sell.

Capcom has tried to refine it to adapt it to new platforms. If mechanics, scenarios and music remain the original ones, change the screen command handling, customizable; It also changes the game modes, in two versions: Casual for newcomers to the game for the first time, Classic for those already accustomed to the difficulty of the original.

Ghosts'n Goblins is exactly what we wanted to quench our thirst for the 80s. In the hope that other classics may soon arrive on the comfy screens of smartphones!

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