Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Jacobs - Fight Highlights

It was held on the night of Saturday, March 18, 2017 the highly anticipated fighting for the middleweight title Golovkin vs Jacobs. A challenge that saw the two best boxers in middleweight division face each other, two worthy champions to fight in the main event in a temple of boxing like Madison Square Garden.

The match has been won on points and unanimous decision (114-113, 115-112, 115-112) by Gennady Golovkin on Daniel Jacobs, one can say that the Kazakh finally seem more human. Golovkin remain undefeated and holds the IBF and WBC middleweight titles, however reuniting his WBA "super" with the "regular" held by his opponent, but succeeds in this undertaking at the end of a difficult and competitive match, which lays bare the few weaknesses.

Jacobs had been touted as the toughest of rivals so far addressed by the Kazakh, and this was confirmed last night, committing Golovkin for the entire match. To be fair, however, we must recognize that the champion was never in real trouble, in the sense that the shots of the rival did not dampen, while it can not be said of Jacobs: apart from the knockdown in the fourth round, were several critical moments crossed from New York boxer, which is to recognize the merit of never having been disunited and have indeed reacted with pride.

Jacobs has adopted the strategy we had expected, based on the use of the jab and constant movement around the opponent; but he initially developed with shyness and anxiety, resulting too passive in front of the rival initiatives. His jab, in particular, was taking with insufficient frequency, perhaps for fear crossing the direct right of Golovkin. Kazakh, serene and relaxed as ever, took advantage of the mild pace and plenty of space to dictate the rules with his best weapon, the excellent jab, who started fast and darting in Jacobs's guard like a sword. In the fourth round, Golovkin was also found at last the way of the right: short direct two exploded in quick succession, have centered the Jacobs jaw for a knockdown that was in the air.

The knockdown has had the side effect of shaking Jacobs from its slumber, so as to return it to the match with a mentality finally proactive. The turning point occurred around the middle of the fifth round, when Jacobs, who had briefly used the guard right in the second, he put false guard for a good minute. Picked up on the left side, with his head on the side, the New Yorker became a difficult target to pin down: from there stemmed subsequent hindrance of Golovkin, who would not be able, except in occasional moments, to pull off right with due effectiveness.

What they do not explain it, however, is because Jacobs did not use the right guard continuously, instead of doing it in alternating rounds. The Brooklyn boxer has achieved the best results in fighting that position, that seemed even facilitate it in offensive actions. Jacobs went well from the fifth to the eighth round when he increased the amount of work and devoted himself to construct the blows to the figure.

The New Yorker also claimed in the clinch and in the melee the weight advantage that surely had over his rival: it would explain, otherwise, his decision to desert the second weight set dall'IBF and give way to the conquest of that title, which in fact it was not up for grabs.

Apparently, Jacobs had more pounds to be recovered than Golovkin; but the weight difference has not made more powerful than his rival. At the end of the ninth round, the Kazakh has put a right uppercut that has passed to the opponent a hard time: it was a few seconds the sound of the gong, and this has saved Jacobs from a safe knockdown, because his legs have become jelly, they would not have long supported under the weight of insistent Golovkin shots.

In the tenth and eleventh rounds, the two contenders have divided equally the score, while the last recovery was booty of Kazakhstan as a result of the effort he made to win it. The verdict unanimous, it is correct in substance as in scores, two of which are identical to ours: 115-112. Jacobs comes home with the honors of war, and with some regret, but Golovkin is hoisted on top of the boxing world pyramid.

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