Game Engines As Fast As Possible

Have you ever wondered what a Game Engine is? No, it’s not like your typical engine that you see on your car. It’s something else; an engine specifically designed for games. Isn’t it interesting?

Linus of Techquickie explains what a game engine is as fast as possible with his video. According to him, game engines provide a rendering engine which allows designers to pair their in-house made 2d images with 3d wireframe to create fully actualize models. That sounds so confusing right? Well the second point might shed some light.

Secondly, Linus tells us that the game engine provides everything else like the obvious stuffs; the physics, the collision detection engines. These stuffs account for movements and interactions between models, characters, and even realistic lighting effects which give your game experience a seemingly realistic experience; even some awesome stuff like the bending of light which creates shadows when a character moves his face and much more.

And of course, the AI engines which make our non-player characters life. The game engines are the main reason why we get to see lively reactions from our non-player characters; they are the reason why your AI players have traits and behaviors similar to that of a player characters.
Well, the main point is that the game engine is the skeleton that supports our game designers which helps them focus on the “flesh”; like the gameplay, story, back-story elements of the game. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to make the ball or the water move in the game, our game designers can focus directly on other game elements and have more time for it.

So you might want to ask; where do game engines come from? Well, they come from the products of our game companies’ efforts, money, and other resources. There may be some open source game engines out there but for the most part no one will build a game engine just to share it to others.
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