Freddie & Queen "A Capella" with amazing lives mashed up

In this video we can appreciate the extraordinary voice of Freddie Mercury, the unforgettable Queen frontman, in one of his most outstanding and successful performances, but in a voice-only version, accompanied by choirs, of Queen song "Somebody To Love".

The singer's voice already gives proof of his extraordinary talent in the official version of the song, the first single from the album "A Day At The Races", ( B-side "White Man" ), published on 12 November 1976. Immediately the single reached the position #2 in the UK charts (remember that, as happened with other songs of Queen, it was republished in 1993 as a single by the Freddie Mercury Tribute, reaching the position #1 ).

The song, written just by Freddie Mercury in 6/8, is a piece truly unique because it features special vocal sections: in fact Queen overdubbed their voices with the intention of creating impression of a great gospel choir, of exquisite workmanship and great energy and sound impact.

This video in particular highlights this peculiarity: in fact it contains the main vocals, sung by Freddie, and the choirs, performed by Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor (don't be fooled by pictures that show John Deacon in the choirs, because in reality he could not sing, he only pretended, to give a unified image of band). All of this is underlined by a wonderful mix of excerpts from official video of the song, and from some live Queen performances. And about this fact, we must say that in all live performances "Somebody To Love" became one of the biggest Queen hits. Brian May, the well-known guitarist and voice of band, had to say in an interview that this song was inspired by music and vocal sounds of Aretha Franklin, for which Freddie Mercury had always shown great admiration. Exceptional also the interpretation performed by George Michael in 1993 at Freddie Mercury Tribute (in album "Greatest Hits III: Queen +").

Finally, in this version "a capella" Freddie gives us further evidence, if there ever was needed, of his extraordinary vocal talent, sneaking in vocalizes and virtuosity even more clear and articulated in this video than in the official version (the one with instruments accompaniment ). We can even feel the breath of which he needs in each musical phrase, and those perfect harmonies, this tone of voice so pure. Times and attacks are so difficult in this song, really very complicated to sing. Pure rare talent Freddie, the best singer ever.
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