Freddie Mercury & Queen: rare demo of "Princes Of The Universe"

This is a rare "demo version" of the song "Princes Of The Universe" by Queen, with a series of images of the band and its famous frontman, Freddie Mercury. This demo in many parts is different from the song that was later included in the album "A Kind Of Magic" in 1986, soundtrack of the film "Highlander: The last immortal".

Demo takes 3:22 minutes, less of original (3:55), the choirs are missing, the next part sung suddenly freezes and dissolves in a rarefied musical atmosphere, where first in the distance, then louder and louder, we hear the noise of blades of a helicopter, highlighted by a guitar that plays at the beginning almost unnoticed. But then the noise stops abruptly and it's produced a magnificent "solo guitar ". It performs later also a part that is sung in the original version. Finally in the demo are still missing the following part also sung with choirs and the " guitar and drums solo ", and in the end the word "universe" is not echoed, but it is a final net.

This impressive version of "Princes Of The Universe" accompanies a superb gallery of photos, which begins with a sexy-Freddie in pink overalls and more or less goliardic images of band, continuing with Freddie in the company of "his" women, his Barbara Valentin, his Montserrat Caballé, and of course, first of all in his heart, his Mary Austin.

The photos show us the two together on several occasions, including a Christmas lunch. There are other friends like Annie Lennox, Liza Minnelli and others. In the pics there are of course the beloved Freddie's cats, his jokes with Roger Taylor, a beautiful girl on whose legs Freddie sits with great ease, and a face on the moving train "Miracle Express"! Looking at these pictures, listening to this music, we can attribute with no doubt to Freddie Mercury and his Queen the deserved title of true "Princes Of The Universe"!
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