Francisco Vargas vs Takashi Miura - Highlights & KO Rounds 8-9

Not only Cotto vs. Canelo on the evening of November 21 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Among the challenges that preceded the main event of the evening was all about a long awaited: Takashi Miura vs. Francisco Vargas for the WBC super feather weight title.

The fight promised spectacle and in the ring took place in fact one of the matches of the year. The victory went to Francisco Vargas, which was imposed by technical knockout in the ninth round on reigning Miura. It was a real war that saw the two rivals exchanged hard blows for nine intense rounds.

In the first round start strong Vargas, who shakes Miura with a powerful right. The Japanese are feeling the pinch but manages to resist. Miura began to score some left in the fourth round and floored Vargas with a powerful hook. The Mexican gets up but now he is to be in trouble. In the sixth round the two fighters bring to life an incredible round, a real war!

At the end of the eighth round Vargas (23-0-1, 17 KOs) is still reeling from a left, the Japanese closed the rival on the ropes before the bell rang. Vargas back on his corner with right eye almost all closed, bruised and swollen.

In the ninth round Vargas turns the tables and hits Miura with a precise uppercut and then a right. Japanese is knocked down, but still managed to get up and continue. Miura has not recovered completely and throws himself to attack by Vargas, who began hitting him with several heavy blows. After several blows suffered by Miura referee Tony Weeks decided to stop the match decreeing the victory by technical knockout of Vargas.

In the following video we review the final rounds (8 & 9) of this exciting challenge. Without doubt one of the leading candidates for "Fight of the Year"!
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